Safari Concept overview.

Go where-ever the wind takes you. Tow, fly, re-tow along route if you land early, pick-up, camp, find tow field the next day and do it all again.

Depending on wind cycle, we may end up well into Qld, way out west or even into Victoria. A big circuit may also result. The plan is to be extremely flexible around the desires, preferences and abilities of the group of pilots, making plans daily depending on local and different regional weather conditions.

When we leave base camp we are fully equipped for camping out wherever we end up, so we are not tied into a late night drive back to base or a launch from the same tow paddock the following day. Generally a suitable bush area to make camp is found not too far from picking up last pilot, quick and easy camp set up (set up awning and roll out a swag) and pre-cooked dinners allow for a relaxed discussion on the day’s events and planning for the following day.

Given mornings are normally more “time killing” times waiting for the day to come on, we will have time to cook up a big breakfast and travel to the desired launch area.

It is envisaged to spend the first night at base camp after what generally ends up being a slower day getting all pilots away on the first one due to a familiarisation process by all pilots. Day 2 we head out fully ready to not return, but can do so if desired.

Pilot Prerequisites:

  •  Current HGFA membership
  •  HGFA tow endorsement
  •  Signing of a waiver agreement
  •  Provide details on your flying and towing experience

What you need to bring:

  •  Flying gear
  •  SPOT or Delorme device (mandatory)
  •  UHF (with HGFA or Manilla channels preferred )
  •  Any means to easily be able to advise distance and bearing from launch while flying
  •  Pillow, sheet & blanket/sleeping bag to equip swag (provided, fully insect screened)
  •  Toiletries (including a body cloth for basin wash)

Highly recommended:

  • Use of a ‘blue tick’ phone and Telstra based SIM  due to better coverage out west.
  • An android phone running XCSoar for great tracking by retrieve (and other pilots) using the Skylines feature. see Tracking for setup.
  • Off-line maps, We use Memory Map,  available on both android and Apple. see Tracking for an easier way to preload maps.
  • VHF radio, many of the larger towns have an airfield and are a CTAF area, albeit it they have very little traffic. If you want to upload your epic flight after touching a CTAF, ensure you have your HGFA VHF endorsement.

Facilities available in vehicle while on Safari

  •  Swags
  •  Fridge / freezer / esky
  •  Microwave / sandwich press / kettle / toaster
  •  Gas cooker
  •  Table
  • Camp chairs
  •  240V power for equipment charging
  •  Covered trailer for glider stowage while travelling

All food is provided to avoid shopping trips, however if you have any favourites or preferred, bring them along.