Summer 15/16 Safari Timetable

We are now taking bookings for next summer. Dates are flexible and additional dates can be added if you bring your own group of four to nine.

An eight day period is put aside for each trip, from Saturday to Saturday, the week before we will as a group look at the weather and select the five best days for the Safari. The first day we will fly locally checking out gear and communications. The next four days we head off camping where we land.

Inclusions are:

  • Meals. (dinner is micro-waved home cooked meals, cooked breakfast, sandwiches, fruit and nuts etc. for lunch.)
  • Accommodation. (camping in swags under the stars.)
  • Tows. (and re-tows on safari, no sitting in the retrieve watching your mates fly on if you bomb out.)
  • Retrieves.
  • Limited places, minimum of three pilots.

Dates are:

  • 10-17 October
  • 19-26 November
  • 5-12 December
  • 20-27 February
  • 5-12 March

The five day safari with inclusions is $750. Extra days flying locally are available at the daily rate and subject to availability. Exceptional conditions and flying distances may result in a surcharge to cover additional vehicle kilometres.

To make a booking email

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