Safari November 2014

In early November I spent a week flying with Doug, Jan and Zane.

After a few days around Dubbo we left with our swags on a road trip. We towed up locally and as it wasn’t a great day we had second tows during the day on improvised strips. Two were located and both took less than an hour to locate, launch two pilots and move on.

Jan added 60km to his first flight of 40km.

We drove into Coonabarabran for dinner and fuel.


Before heading out to a side road to camp for the night. And a casual breakfast at the base of the Warrumbungles.


After a brief check of the map we headed off in search of a strip. A canola stubble field was dismissed before selecting this beauty.

The day was promising with a 20 km/hr tailwind and a road north all the way to the Queensland Border.


Doug was very upset at landing at 60km. Zane joined him at 80km. They relaunched with Zane adding another 40km.

Jan flew 118km where he was picked up and the crew followed me to land just short of Lightning Ridge at 203 km on sunset.


Over the week Doug had multiple 50km flights. Zane had a couple of 50’s and couple of 80’s that would have been PB’s a month ago. Jan was usually found well past 50km with a PB of 170km north west of Nyngan.

Including the PB I had three 100+km flights motivated by a lapse in concentration on day one flying 80km


A great trip, Thanks Phil.


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