December 2015 Safari

The December trip was an outstanding success. All seven pilots flew PB’s

Of the five more experienced pilots only Alessandro had previously flown a 200km flight.  The numbers are remarkable.

Doug 148 165 207 243: 763
Paul 102 80 208: 390
Alessandro 70 120 237 15: 442
Gavin 125 100 115 225: 580
Zane 159 175 106 251: 691

Having two cars worked well, one heading out with the leaders while one picked up the rear.


Flights were generally over the western plains.


The day four pilots flew 200k PB’s took them east over Orange and to Bathurst, This provided a change of scene, across the western slopes towards the edge of the Blue Mountains


Camping was an adventure. From the relative luxury of a Pub’s backyard, to the side of the Orange ‘moat’, to a backroad camp behind a stand of trees.


Comments from Gavin.

What an amazing week with FlyDubbo on the first full-on tow fly safari driving across the plains in search of perfect weather set up to fly long, sleeping under the stars in swags. Visiting towns I’d never normally get to. Outstanding retrieve system, total freedom to just fly as far as you can. Every pilot achieved a new PB, 5 of us flew over 200k point to point for first time. Thanks to Stephen Noble, Phillip Mansell and Dan. Highlights were flying with a massive gaggle of sailplanes competing in world junior championship and crossing mountain ranges from the far western plains to the Tablelands wish I had more photos, just too busy flying.

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