Spring Safaris

October had good conditions, flights of 100-160km each day. This is our campsite 20 minutes after Doug landed at Molong.


November had an emphasis on pilots new to XC. Here is Jayden landing at 32km for a new PB after a 17km PB the day before.


The Polidano family enjoying a picnic. Jayden and Ange towed up from this paddock for a re-fly. Stephen and Laura were drawn to them using xcsoar tracking and landed for Lauras new 37km PB.


Andrew’s Comments after day two

Just driving back after picking up Phil our guide. It’s a long ride but feeling the joy of Phil as he talks about the flight makes it worthwhile. He managed a personal best of 156.5km. Jayden did a PB of 32km ( I videoed the landings)
Craig and I also landed around the 31 mark. I was flying tandem with Angie basically as launch conditions were a bit extreme. I’ll upload the flight for those interested. Winds were strong and landing required quick outs. Craig landed backwards however I saw Jayden land with some forward speed.
A blue day with a strong inversion around the 6500ft mark. With patience Angie and I managed to climb through it to around 8200ft. The lift above this inversion was better. It was the last thermal we managed to find. Because of the wind strength we still managed 30 odd kms.
It interests me how strong winds are ideal for long distances. Phil was getting 75kmh on half bar. 32 km/h on average for the flight.
I started the day doing a few tandems for an endorsement for another guy on the trip, steve noble. Launching at 10.30 we planned to do a few quick flights. My first flight tandem as pilot was suppose to be quick. We released at 1200ft about the ground and then climbed another 1200ft. Pulling out to get another few in. Steve took us up in a very similar scenario thermaling like a pro on his first tandem. We landed and helped the others attempt to launch.  Basically it was on early.
Simple maths. 10.30am launch till say 6.30pm, 8 hrs.
Phil averaged 32km an hr from 1.30-6.30
8x 32 = 256.
Manilla as goal (which I called last night) would have been possible as it is 250 km from our strip.
Let’s hope we get another day like today.


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