Fantastic Friday

After a great fast Friday, the 2 new PB’ers arrive back at base in Dubbo.
Stephen did 280 pin drop, while Cath did 134 on her A.
Good northerly, with ideal wind gradient, over 3000m base so while forward launches were required in the cycles, ground speeds of 90km/hr at altitude were around. Never looked threatening on the ground all day for landing, with both landings being vertical only.
After needing to wait till 1pm to launch, Stephen managed to average over 50km/hr for the flight, while Cath averaged over 42km/hr with some great flying.

These videos were taken around 12. The shape of the dusty shows that the day is definitely on by now, There were lulls we could have launched in but gusts that we wouldn’t have been prepared to land in.

View both flights on Ayvri, play with the controls to switch between pilots, show stats and change views.

Link to xcontest, how awesome is Cath’s position, 2nd in Open class on an ‘A’

[Congratulations to Paul Skinner who on the next flydubbo trip flew over 800 km in 4 days to currently top the contest.]